Thursday, July 19, 2007



I sit there and watch
As people walk by
With the lack of control
They begin to cry

My mind plays games
And tells me that I’m not
Worthy of this sorrow
But grief’s all I got

Will this loss make a difference?
Will he shed any tears?
Even though he hasn’t spoken
In so many years

Will she think it’s her fault
And think there were signs
Or will she believe
It was a matter of time

I stand up
And begin walking around
As I see the coffin
Lowered into the ground

I take one final glance
At the people leaving
Wondering if
They’re really deceiving
Their own minds
Pretending that they care
But feeling the guilt
And struggling to bear

All of these people
I wonder if they see
That the pathetic girl laying there
Is actually me


A$H_CA$H_07 said...

that was interesting and good!!! the ending kinda shocked me because i wasnt expectiin that.

Maria said...

Still great! But in the 5th stanza, when you're talking about walking around, it's the person's soul, right? It's just a little unclear because you say you got up & walked around, but the pathetic girl lying there is you.... okay, that's rambling for ya! :D

Anonymous said...

That poem is amazing! I loved the surprise ending. It made my heart stop when I read the last line. You did a great job building the scene so that when it came to the part when you find out the girl is dead, the reader actually cares about the girl. This is an awesome poem!