Monday, July 23, 2007

September Rain

September rain falls on the house
As I close the old screen door,
The chaos fades behind me
With each muddy step.

Sensing the ocean’s spray,
I know that I am close to peace.
It is not Nirvana I seek,
But to be filled with those watery words,
Filtering the noise from my troubled mind.


Maddie said...

that is so down to earth. it is amazingly done. wow, that is just so good.

Maria said...

It seems really deep, but I don't really... "get" it.... maybe I'll read it again when I'm awake... :D

Elise said...

i love this poem. it is completely dead on about how i feel about rain. it just feels like it washes away all your worries. great job, kate!

Gina said...

"watery words" it.