Friday, July 27, 2007

Update- Peaches

When I was little I never had time to sit around in my garden to eat peaches. Now that I’m 9 and single, I am free to hang out in the community garden and eat peaches that are too soft, and stare out into the confines of the unused silos. That’s not to say that I wasn’t thinking about Lowiara the entire time. Well, her real name was Lucy, but I always thought Lowiara sounded better.
It didn’t help at all that Lowiara had married my ex-best friend, a colonel named Sandy, when she found out about his bird food. I had never put her down as a gold-digger neither. Well,

Lowiara, with her showy tiara
Laughing at the world,
And laughing at me, it’s her game.
Lowiara, with her glowy tiara
Now my life will never
Be the same

When good old Sanders took you
It hurt me in my gut
How was I supposed to know
That you were such a nut?


When I crashed your wedding,
I thought that you’d bear in mind
The present that I brought you,
That peach Venetian blind.


Well I guess it doesn’t really matter now
I guess I’ll always be a harebrained cow
We were always different,
And yet always together
I guess that’s why ol’ Sandy
Done took you by the feather
Now you’re slowly dying
And there’s nothing I can do
It’s just as well you’re frying
To become chicken stew.

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Maddie said...

the lyrics are good. but i recommend breaking it up or using punctuation so i can undestand how you want it read. but it's really good. and is this a ballad?