Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tornado of Night - BY MY BROTHER, MAURI!

It was the night
when the trees weren't still.
The wind kicked against them,
like a rampaging bull.
Crying clouds and the twisting wind,
grabbing all, leaving none.

Screams were heard,
miles and miles away.
And that twisting wind,
whispering harshly,
"It's not over yet,
it has yet to begin."

The ground split,
a hole formed.
The wind whipped all
into that gaping hole,
sparing none.
It was a garbage can,
and everything was trash.

And then the twisting winds
roared towards the sky.
And the hole dug deeper and deeper
into the ground.
And the cries of all could be heard,
while the wind bellowed.

"We have taken too many lives,
but they are not gone forever.
They are in heaven now,
now and forevermore."
Yet the wind had mercy,
and the voice seemed to fade.
Gone for now,
but not forever.

Along the Way

A thousand tears I'll cry for you.
It's been so long, it came so soon.
Did we miss it somehow,
did we see it along the way?

This road has crumbled,
there's a hole in the moon.
We walked the line
and fell right through.
Sometimes I wonder,
what if we could fly?

Let's find a place where we can escape.
I'll take you with me, we'll go away.
Just take my hand,
I'll guide you through the dark.

It's a long road,
do you think you can make it?
You fake a smile,
but can you take it?
Even if you fall,
I'll carry you.

Don't tell me that it's too late.
I know you're listening,
I know you're awake.
Can't we pave the way once again?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Central Park, one of the most beautiful parks in the United States. Here I stand, at the entrance, Central Park maped out in my mind. The destination marked with an X and the route colored yellow bricks.
As I start my journey, I see three infants cradled by their mothers. The infants, so young and innocent, have their whole lives ahead of them. One of them could find the cure for cancer. Who Knew? I keep to my steady pace, following my yellow brick road. Walking along the winding path, I came upon two adolescent girls. Sitting centimeters apart, they had their hands blocking their words, no doubt gossiping. Back in the teenage years, all you had to wrooy about were, grades, blemishes, and what to do to get Mr. Hotshot to notice you.
Reminising on my own tenage years, sadness covers me like a blanket. My best friend. Who knew she was so sad? At the age of 16, she took her own life. Life is so crule, but there's no need for the futile what if's? There was nothing anyone could have done. Caught up in my thoughts, I hadn't noticed the callow couple cuddling on the bench. Looking at her face, she seemed so happy. I hoped she stayed that way. There's so many guys out there, good, bad, that you learn you're going to get your fair share of both.
Walking on, I came up to my first X on the map. The vastly open green grass glowed under the suns beaming rays. I scanned the unfamiliar faces until I zoned in on my target. Smiling to myself, I walked over to him. Grabbing my hand and pecking my cheeck, he smiled at me,
"Hello." Butterflies fluttered in my stomach. He has such a strong hold on me.

"Hey," I replied. He pulled me over to a secluded spot.

"I wanted to talk to you," He spoke after a few silent minutes.

"I could tell by your urgent call. I just gave up the five O' clock news for you. It better be good," I joked.

Catching my playfullness, a smile spread across his face,"Oh, trust me I think it is."

"Then what is it, loverboy?" He knelt to the ground. I gasped. Both of us 25, we had been dating for two years. He pulled out a small square box. Opening it, he revealed the most beautiful diamond ring I had ever seen.

"I just wanted to know if you'd take me as your husband and my wife?" Anxiously, he lifted his head up and looked my dead in the eyes anticipating my answer.

Speechless I asked, "Are you saying you want to-"

"Marry me?" He cut me off. I processed this information and thought back on our two years together. I smiled to myself, he was the man I wanted to be with for the rest of my life,


Smiling, He stood and gave me one beautiful, romantic kiss. We pulled away and I thought, no regrets, he's amazing. My hand held out, he placed the ring on my finger. As he took my hand we headed back towards our yellow brick road. Our new destination marked. We strolled on together happiness seeping through into everyone and everything. The suns love flowed making the plants dance to the winds song. We We passed an older couple enjoying the beautiful day. The old woman caught my eye with hers. She smiled, which caused wrinkles to form around her eyes. Before I turned around, I saw her wink at me. In fifty years, that would be us, older yes, but happy all the same.
It's amazing the memories stored in Central Park. Sometimes they're revealed, and other times they're kept secret. You have to open your eyes and see. Sometimes a lifetime can pass right before your eyes. Central Park. Did I mention it's the most beautiful park in the United States?