Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gazing At The Stars

While gazing at the stars,
I see lights.
The small holes in the sky
are shining brightly.

A black sheet,
draped over heaven.
The only proof of this
are the little holes.
The holes that are poked through the sky.

Seeing a plane or helicopter,
You may think of going from one place to the next.
But they are searching.
Searching for distant worlds.
The worlds that lie past the night sky.

While gazing at the stars,
I see distant worlds.
Distant worlds that are covered.
Covered by the sky.


Maria said...

Cool thought! You don't really need all of those commas at the ends of some of your lines, but other than that nitpicky stuff, that's really cool!

brianne said...

Great Thought! Except you must drop some of those commas. But i love your thought!

Maddie said...

that's so good. who cares if u use commas a little too much, i do that too. it's amazing tho

Bela said...

Thanks guys! I'll edit out some of the commas!

Bela said...
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Gina said...

I feel this way a lot too, so this really clicked with me and a lot of other people. Nice!

Bela said...

Thanks Gina!