Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Poems for the Anthology Noah

In the Dark

Flickering in the dark,

Wood burns

In a red-brick fireplace,

With pictures, framed, and on hooks,

And set in the Living room.

And set in the living room,

With pictures, framed, and on hooks,

In a red-brick fireplace,

Wood burns,

Flickering in the dark.

In the Light

Hooded, though in the light,

Walking, the black-paved roads,

A hooded person, slowly striding

On the sidewalks, of Manhattan.

On the sidewalks, of Manhattan.

A hooded person, slowly striding

Walking, the black-paved roads,

Hooded, though in the light.


First, a wink of color,

Then, a few,

Then it slowly forms,

When added dot more,

Into an object,

A chair, a tree, a person.

Then another being creeps,

Onto, the canvas,

Inhabiting, the world,

Created behind it.


It was everywhere,

In the streets and houses,

even on, some silk blouses.

Gray, dead ash,

As it falls,

Everywhere, people dash.

Vesuvius devours bodies,

and many many lives,

killing only to kill,

the hole, atop a hill.


A hidden, Not well-known

country, Many, just ignore it.

They don’t know, that inside Those red boundaries, on the map, Horror lurks. Not enough people, to help stop the violence,

Lives are ruined, ended.

Families torn to screams and sorrow.

Just as Rwanda had,

There the world nearly ended for those inside, don’t let that happen,

To that red-boundaried,

not well-known country


Caitlin said...

I'm glad you wrote about such unwritten about topics [ex: pompeii and darfur]. i really like the last two. all of them are well written. the first is very desriptive and i can really imagine the scene well. good job :]

Maddie said...

this was so good. i didn't knwo you were this good at writing. this is just amazing.