Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What it's like living in fairield ct

What It’s Like Living In Fairfield, CT

Here’s what it’s like: let’s say you’re driving home
From a good game of golf,
This time around you
Hit a goose on the butt
And made a par
Your dad gave you five bucks for hitting the goose
And three for the par
Eight bucks in total
Not a bad for one days work
You’re looking out the window, humming with the radio
Trees flash by and colors jump out at you as you pass houses
The car screeches to a halt at a red light
You see an old lady getting her car filled up with gas
And a mom trying to wrestle her 2 year old son
Into a car seat, then it zooms out of sight
As you drive away

True story


Gina said...

Hehe, niiiiiice imagery. But the poor goose!!! : (

Kenzie/Noodle said...


Quinn said...



The It Blog said...

This is really good but I think that it needs some meaning, like the poem about Ithaca yesterday had that metaphor ... maybe you need a metaphor?

Maddie said...

hey noodle,
really good. can't believe you'd hit a goose though.

brianne said...

Noodle that is such good imagery!I love it.

Catherine said...

unbeleivably good.