Friday, July 27, 2007

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As a child, I’ve always been Victoria Twilight Purannly. I’m not sure why my mother would have my middle name as Twilight, but I know I will never find out. My mother died during childbirth with me. My aunt, Anna, raised me ever since I was born. I had no other family besides her. I just called her Aunty because it has always been awkward for me to call her Anna. Aunty and I lived in poverty. We can’t afford much and Aunty struggles making ends meet. In 2016 its hard to believe there’s still a lower class in London. My aunt and I do look alike, which is good because she can pass as my mum and wouldn’t have to explain the whole situation. We both have auburn hair and fair skin. However, her eyes are brown like my mother’s, and mine are hazel. I was guessing that’s what color my father’s eyes were. My mother never told anyone who my father was, so I never met either of my parents. Aunty had most of the same facial features as I did, except for very few, I got from my father. She was appealing looking for her age. She was thirty-four, but she looked twenty-five. It was wintertime and my sixteenth birthday passed many months ago. Snow was starting to fall in my hair and I started to shiver. The frigid wind blew onto my cheeks like a frozen blanket. I hurried inside to my warm house. We were in poverty, but we live comfortably now that I was sixteen and could take care of the house. I kindled the fire and sat by it for a while. I had lots of chores to do plus my homework. I started with making chicken soup for dinner. Aunty came home just as I was pouring the soup. She sat down and we both chatted.
“What do you have to do for homework?” she asked me. I let out a sigh and answered her question.
“We have to type a two page essay on Lord Dunsen Maze.” Aunty frowned.
“They make you do the stupidest things in school,” she said. I smiled at her remark. Aunty always made me laugh. She was one person I counted on to brighten my day when I was feeling down. I kept my grades up and cleaned the house. This gave me nearly no time, at all, to be with friends. So I didn’t really have any. My one best friend, Baily, did understand my living condition so she never bothered me about hanging out. Her parents were rich. Her father was a famous wedding photographer and she explained to me one time that her great aunt was an actress. Her aunt was in her seventies and still alive, but they don’t visit her quite as often as they used to. Aunty and I were watching the debate on the teley. Lord Maze was going for prime minister. It showed him and his son, Shaymen. His son was eighteen and very good-looking. Girls from my school would write, “I love Shaymen” all over their binders. Shaymen had thin brown hair like his father, but had piercing green eyes unlike anyone you’d ever seen. His father had hazel eyes. Actually, they were the same hazel as mine. My aunt suddenly broke my trance from the teley.
“I bet that boy is just as stuck up as his father and spoiled. Political kids always get whatever they want.” I looked at my aunt then back at the teley. Shaymen had his head up high and didn’t seem to want to be bothered. She was right most likely. I didn’t know much about him though, so I didn’t want to judge him.
“Shaymen,” I muttered. I didn’t know I had said his name out loud. Aunty was staring at me with a little bit of confusion on her face. I decided to turn off the teley so I could start on my homework. Aunty started to clean the dishes and we got on with our daily lives. It was the same routine everyday, it wasn’t very exciting, but I didn’t mind it that much. Besides, I was used to the customary matter.
When I finished with my homework, I went straight to bed. My bedroom was the attic. It was done up well enough to be livable. The walls were coved with flower wallpaper. In one of the corners a few of the flowers were burnt. There used to be a lamp there, and that’s how part of the wallpaper caught ablaze. Aunty never replaced the lamp so it’s the darkest corner of my room and I put nothing over there. My comforter was a deep purple on a twin bed. I didn’t care it was a little small, as long as I could sleep in it. I crawled under the comforter and the sheets, then went to sleep.
In the morning, I got up by the alarm clock across the room. When my feet touched the cold wooden paneled, floor. I woke up entirely. I shut the alarm off and headed downstairs to take a shower. The shower was nice and hot on my skin, but I dreaded getting out into the cold house. Aunty had already gone to work, so I was alone each morning. When I was finally dressed and out the door, I walked to school. I was wearing my heaviest coat and was thankful I only lived five blocks from school. I lived on the east side of London, which was actually the best area. Most of the famous people lived there. I was on my second block when a black car pulled up next to me. The back window rolled down and revealed Baily’s smiling face. Her brown hair was whipping in the wind and her blue eyes were grinning.
“Victoria Twilight Purannly, what are you doing out there?” Get in here.” She rolled up the window and opened her door. He scooted over and I sat down next to her.
“Thanks Baily,” I praised. She smirked and her chauffeur drove us to school. When we got out of the car, we ran inside in haste. The bell would ring in three minutes. I wished she were in my homeroom because most of the students in there were snooty. My school day had gone pretty well. Thursdays were the best days of the week because Baily was in most of my classes. At the end of the day she drove me home. I appreciated that, since it was starting to snow outside. Her car had heated seats and I wished I didn’t have to go out into the cold. I ran inside when we reached my house. I waved good-bye quickly and she left. I unbuttoned my coat and started to prepare dinner. We would have meatloaf tonight, and ketchup. That was one of our favorite meals. Plus it was easy to make.
When I took the meatloaf out, I set it on the table along with some ketchup. I waited about an hour, but my aunt never came home. The doorbell rang; it made me jump a little. I thought maybe Aunty left her key at home. I walked to the door and opened it for a policeman. He stood tall and had a very bushy moustache. He had dark eyes and asked me a question.
“Are you Victoria Purannly?” I was still confused on why he was here, but it was starting to frighten me. What could’ve happened to my aunt? I was hoping she was just a little late and the policeman was a coincidence.
“Yes,” I answered in a shaky voice.
“I’m going to have to take you into custody.” I looked at him in terror.
“Why? My aunt will be home any minute, you can talk to her about whatever it is,” I said it in a kind of psychotic way, while backing away from him.
“I’m afraid that’s quite impossible. She died earlier today.” I covered my eyes and started to bawl.
“That’s not true!” I screamed at him, so he had to grab my wrist and dragged me into the car. I was torn up inside and was going into hysteria. I kept telling myself that this was all just a dream and I would wake up soon. The policeman broke the silence by telling me the rest of the story. I didn’t want him to tell me because I wanted to keep on thinking she was still alive. If he told me something logical it would mean I wasn’t dreaming.
“Anna Purannly was in an enclosed room, but some carbon monoxide somehow got in and she dropped to the floor. A friend of hers told us that she had a niece named Victoria, who was her responsibility. We were told your mother had died and you don’t know whom your father is. So under the orders of the new government I am authorized to take you to a place where, with a blood sample, we can find out who your father is and you can go to him.” I didn’t say anything to him I just looked out the window and pretended to not hear a word he said. Right now I was feeling sad for myself and hate for the world. If there was a God someone should wake him up. They took away my mom and my aunt. There were so many people in this world that didn’t deserve to live but Aunty wasn’t one of them. She was the most loving woman I knew and would do anything for me. She would die to protect me. I shivered when I thought of the word “die.”
“Aunty’s not dead,” I mumbled under my breath. I guess I must of said it louder than I thought because the policeman had said something back.
“I’m afraid she is Victoria.” I frowned and looked back at the window. It bothered me I didn’t know his name. I looked around the car for his name. I saw a card that said, “Richard Smith” I looked at the man, seeing him for the first time as Richard Smith. He wasn’t just a policeman he was Richard Smith, another person of the same world that I lived in. He had a much different life but we both lived in this world to better it until we died. He stopped the car and told me to get out. At first I didn’t listen, but then I slowly opened the door and climbed out.
Some nurse took some blood from my finger and then gave me a band-aid. I sat outside the room they all gathered in. I heard one of them gasp.
“Are you sure that’s right?” I was scared of what they were so surprised about. What if my father was a criminal? I prayed for the first time in my life, that my father wasn’t a murderer or something as bad as that. The policeman named Richard came into the room. I would never forget the moment he closed the door and how drastically my life was about to change.
“We’ve found out who your father is. Your father is Lord Dunsen maze. We’re contacting him now to see when he could take you.” I looked at him in shock. My father couldn’t be Lord Dunsen. It just couldn’t be true. It was true though, his limo pulled up in front of the building. I looked outside the window and saw him walk into the lobby. I sat there, staring at him. We did have the same eyes. They were even shaped the same. Richard pointed at me and Lord Dunsen looked at me.
“Well, hello Victoria.” I just smirked and waved. He looked me over and grinned.
“I’m surprised about all this too, so don’t think you’re the only one going crazy over this. Did your mother ever tell you about me or…” Richard cut him off. He went over to him and whispered something in his ear. I knew he was telling him that I never knew my mother because when Richard stopped Lord Dunsen gave me a look of compassion.
“Well, Victoria, you’ll have to tell me all about yourself on our way home.” He put his hand out towards me. He was treating me like a child; suddenly I remembered all my stuff at my old house. I remembered my jewelry box that used to be my mother’s. I had gotten the music box as a gift. Even though it was broken I could still put things in it.
“I have to get my things from my other house. At least let me get my music box. Please!” I almost cried. Richard walked to me and handed me a shopping bag. Inside were a few things from my room, like a snapshot of my mum and Aunty together. Then I saw the old music box. I opened it and inside was a picture of my mum. Lord Dunsen looked over my shoulder and saw the photograph.
“I remember Helen, she was such a beautiful woman.” I looked up at him and gave him a tender look.
“I think she’s pretty too,” I said with a grin on my face. I think he was happy that I had finally addressed him. We walked into the back of the limo and the driver headed for the lord’s castle. He looked at me while I was staring out the window, but I could feel his eyes fixed upon me. I turned around to face him.
“You’re sixteen right?” he asked me and I wondered how he met my mother but I didn’t know if it was my place to ask. After all, I didn’t know what my mum used to do for a living and I only saw her personality through Aunty. It killed me to think of Aunty. Everything was moving too fast. I felt like I would drop right in the limo. I’m not sure if I did because I woke up lying across the seat and my father woke me up. I felt my forehead and I was hot.
“You look flushed. You poor girl, when we get inside I’ll have Mara show you to your room right away.” I wasn’t tired but I thought lying down would b a great idea. The castle was more like a court. It looked like a giant mansion with two wings on each side. One side faced the north and the other side faced the south. There must have been hundreds of rooms in the house. My father put his arm around my shoulder and brought me in. I was feeling unstable. A maid came up to us.
“Mara, this is Lady Victoria. Please show her to a room in the northwest wing. Oh and help her up the stairs she is not well,” my father had told her. I was rushed to a room in the back of the house.
“This is the part of the house the family stays in, “she said. She opened the double doors and inside was the most beautiful furnishes. The room was three times as big as my old room. I was so overwhelmed, but I couldn’t do anything in my condition. Mara took the golden, silky, quilt and pulled it out from under the pillows so I could get in. I lied in the bed and she put the covers over me.
“Miss, if you feel the need to change, your nightwear is in the two drawers over there. They were brought right away after the lord left.” I smiled and thanked her. She left the room and I got out of the bed. I looked in the drawer and found a white night gown. It wasn’t stylish at all but I put it on. It came high above my knees and had spaghetti straps. It had a V-shape neckline and reminded me of what a woman would wear on her wedding night. This made me feel a bit uncomfortable, but its not like anyone would see me in it so I walked back to my bed, leaving my clothes on the floor. I lied there for a half an hour, when I heard some voices outside the door. There was a knock on the door.
“Come in,” I yelled across the room. Mara opened the doors.
“Master Shaymen is here to see you.” Before I could say anything he walked in. Mara walked out and shut the door, leaving him and me in the room alone. Shaymen walked towards me and I lied on the pillow looking up at him. His eyes were tender and very green. He wore a green polo and black slacks.
“Aren’t you going to get up?” He asked me. My hair was down and sprawled all over the pillow. I pushed the covers off of myself and stood up. My hands were to my sides. He looked at me up and down with a smile across his face. “You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” I looked at him and then shivered a little. I was feeling a bit cold in that damned, skimpy nightgown. Apparently he noticed I was freezing because he gave me the jacket he was holding. I put it on right away.
“Thank- you so much,” I started. “I feel very vulnerable in this stupid thing.” Had I just said that? I must have not been thinking because after that he started to laugh. I took off his jacket when I sat back down on the bed. “I think I’ll just get under the covered again so you can have your jacket back.” He gazed at me while I went back to bed.
“Well I’ll tell father you retired,’ he said. He left the room and closed the doors behind him. After that I went right to sleep.
Later that night, around one in the morning I woke up to hear my door close. I heard the lock. I started to panic because someone was in my room. It was too pitch to see whom it was but they were walking right towards my bed. There were guards everywhere in and out of the huge place.


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please finish typing. :]

Anonymous said...

this sucks! its the worst thing i have ever read .. even though i have read it before cause you forced me ... you poo

Maria said...

such a weird name, the poor kid... :D

Anonymous said...

you keep saying "lied" instead of "lay"

Zoe said...

first of all, who wrote this? i cant tell without your real name. also...was the shaymen charater sort of flirting with the victoria character? because...theyre blood related. lol.

Maria said...

Yeah... are you going to finish this or what?

Gina said...

Thanks for the cliffhanger...

Just when I thought you were writing something (sort of) cheerful for once, you have to go and bring this creepy Shaymen dude into the mix... ;)

Oh, the last paragraph or so you said "it was too pitch to see anything"- maybe you should change that to "it was too pitch black to see anything".