Thursday, July 19, 2007

Just don't cry.

Just don’t cry.

She’s working four nights a week at a Jiffy Lube
Trying to get gigs and amazing reviews.
She and her bass guitar are taking the subway to stardom and fame,
Only for her dreams to cause her pain.

Don’t cry Daddy.
Mommy, don’t weep.
Don’t hate me too much
The full ride car was just not enough.

I can’t be the girl that you wanted to be.
Suits and fancy things,
My music means the world to me.
You told me that I had to be
Something I never wanted to become…maybe
Did you ever stop to think about my dreams and me?

Don’t cry Daddy.
Mommy, don’t weep.
Don’t hate me too much.
The full ride car was just not enough.

I love you. I love you.
I really do. I just need to do this.
I can’t be your little Barbie anymore,
Because I stopped smiling long before.

I know, I know, I know. I’m throwing my life away.
Please. I’m begging. I have to do this.

Don’t cry, Daddy.
Mommy, don’t weep.
Don’t hate me too much.
The full ride was just not enough.

Spoken(singing rhythm):
The band? They’re great. Yes, I’ll call.
I love you, but my dreams are calling now.
Just don’t cry.


Anonymous said...

GREAT LYRICS!!! They're incredibly deep and insightful. I love your images and how real the lyrics seem. Good Job.

Maria said...

Interesting... would this be like a hard rock song or something different?

Maddie said...

an amazing song. but on thwe last part of the refrain, it should go a little smoother. but i could be reading it wrong.. still tho, AMAZING

brianne said...

I agree with Anonymous. Its amazing lyrics!!! Great job

Marta said...

I just love the lyrics and the story it portrays i love the fact that its only lyrics and not set to music so i can interpert it in my way....but I had a question about one thing...the last line of the chorus.the full ride car i didnt really understand it

Caitlin said...

Thanks everyone! It's still a work in process and i am unsure what i'm going for in my chorus. The idea behind it is that this girl left her parents house and declined a full ride scholarship to college so she could write music and become a musician. i am trying to get that across in the chrous. the girl doesnt want her parents to be upset and her true feelings about the whole issue. does anyone have any suggestions? it would be a great help.

Caitlin said...

"Dont cry, Daddy. Mommy,dont weep. i need to do this for myself. i need to take a chance and leap."
What about this as replacement chorus? comments please.

Maddie said...

so much better. luv it caitlin. 5 stars, definately

Maddie said...

hey, is this like a ballad?

Caitlin said...

For all of you who asked, i didn't really put it to music. This was a muti-day writing process, so everytime i would come back to them in my mind, i would put them to different beats. so.... yea.

Bela said...

Okay, I probably shouldn't write this, but I'm holding back tears. That was beautiful!!!

Maddie said...

Caitlin, that song is so good, that i had it stuck in my head for hours while on a mini vacation.

Gina said...

I know this is going to sound weird, but this would be a really great rap song, for some reason. LOVE the details (the name Jiffy Lube adds so much meaning somehow).

I notice that the narration changes from third person to first person after the first verse. I hear a male voiceover for the first verse, as kind of an introduction, ya know?

Maybe instead of "Please. I’m begging. I have to do this." you could add more repetition, so that it reads something like: "Please, please, I'm begging. I have to do this anyway." (As an added bonus, it rhymes with the previous line!!) I can't believe today was the first time I read this, this is one of the best pieces online. Well, I guess the fact that there were one hundred and ninety-seven posts last July MIGHT have something to do with it...