Sunday, January 25, 2009

Little Girl

Isn't anybody going to listen
to my story?
I've lost myself from writing
it over and over again.

Well, have you seen her face?
Is her smile unknown?
Is she so full of innocence,
from a world never shown?

have you heard her calling,
beckoning to you?
Have you looked for the girl
with the smile of truth?

Can you save her from sorrow?
Can you erase her past?
Will you reach out and hold her,
or just bring her back?

This little girl is yours,
don't let her run from a chance.
Find her, help her,
and maybe she'll love you again.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Favorite Days

My favorite days are when something exciting happens unexpectedly, and I am so happy and impatient that I actually wake up in the morning. My toes curl and uncurl in anticipation under the covers. Finally, I go to sleep, and dream happy, fast dreams that quickly segue into the next morning. There is no more rewarding a feeling than going to sleep happy and waking up the next day.

Only problem is that my math mid-term is tomorrow, so I don't know if the happy will last...but it's all good. When I wake up happy in the morning, I usually do some stretching, which gets my endorphin count up or something like that. So here's the plan: go to sleep happy, wake up excited.

(If anyone wishes to complain about the poor literary quality of this rambling two paragraphs, please leave a comment including the following: "I feel the literary quality is substandard to that of the writer's former posts, and I wish to register a complaint in the form of a disapproving comment. You have wasted my time, my effort, and my human dignity." To be thoughtfully considered, this aforementioned comment must also fit in the words "karaoke", "spittoon", and "myrrh".)

We The People

We the people
Had a dream
A dream that one day
We could all live together
In harmony
We the people
Wrote the words
That built a nation
Wrote the words
We now live by
We the people
Had a call to freedom
Life is for the living
So live your life greatly
We the people
Heard the words
"Yes We Can"
And a miracle
Now rules the nation
We the people
Have ideas
And we the people
Can change the world

Friday, January 16, 2009

night ramblings- for a grade!

For extra points, identify the vocabulary words!

Despite the knowledge that, at this point, sleep was futile, Emily launched into the project with great zeal. She was a scrupulous, almost perfectionist type of girl, and she knew it was inevitable that she would give up a night of sleep to make her project amazing. Emily was careful to maintain the delicate balance between silly and didactic in her work.
As her thoughts turned to mere digression as her brain gradually devolved to the consistency of lightly mashed potatoes, Emily tried in vain to ameliorate the situation. She was loath to desecrate her time by wasting it, and it was not dubious that she would accomplish anything profound in the next hour. As her friends texted her to check up on her progress, she remained reticent, preferring to keep everything a secret until the reveal the next day. In her own eccentric way, Emily, like many other people, enjoyed being the center of attention every once in a while. She allowed her thoughts to wander to the obscure corners of her mind where dreams were kept, imagining the adulation she would receive as the winner of the national competition.
She shook her head, ending her brief respite. Now was crunch time. She was painfully aware of the paucity of glue sticks in her house, and she knew that any tiny mistake she made now would be extrapolated out over the number of people who would be looking at it. Emily worked harder, pausing to get out a new stick of mint gum. The old piece had become insipid with the length of her time spent chewing it. She had laid her hands on anything mint after hearing about its brain stimulating effects, disparaging the use of virulent caffeine supplements, which could damage her body in the long run.
Emily wondered why Americans were so fixated on time that they “spent” it instead of “passing” it like Spanish speakers. These days, it seemed like everyone was parsimonious with everything, including time. She acquiesced that her time was valuable, and that time was ephemeral as a dragonfly’s wing, and she thought to herself, “The only valuable thing I possess is my time.”

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

need help w/ the ending

Those days were alwasy the best of days
Back when all we were worried about
was how our writing was turning out
no school, no crushes
just plain old fun
noah, mara, maddie, bela, gina, maria and me
the foose ball machine our destination
after every lunch
the way we laughed and goofed off
eating ice cream and soda
how I was Noodle then
not kenzie or mackenzie
those times were alwasy looked forward to
a whole new type of fun
sure people thought it was goofy
to waste your summer at a writing camp
but they hadn't experienced the special times
the laughs, the crys
that we all shared

Monday, January 12, 2009

If You Were to Go Insane

If you were to go crazy
I probably wouldn't stay.
I'd be afraid of you and
You'd be afraid of me.
Because when you looked at me you'd see a tiger.
And I would roar!
You'd be afraid, I can promise you that.
I wouldn't blame you
As you run away to hide.
As you run away to hide
I wouldn't blame you.
You'd be afraid, I can promise you that.
And I would roar!
Because when you looked at me you'd see a tiger.
You'd be afraid of me.
I'd be afraid of you and,
I probably wouldn't stay
If you were to go crazy.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


My mind is racing,
my heart keeps stopping.
I'm gripping the edge,
but I keep dropping.
And for a moment,
I can't feel a thing.

I'm flashing back
to lost memories.
I skipped ahead
and found you and me.
And like a film
we both faded to black.

But what happened there
will stay in my heart.
Another day,
and we were falling apart.
Sometimes it's hard to dream
of what could have been.

You held me close,
then you drifted away.
Somehow I found
there was nothing to say.
I'm tripping over words
that lie on the ground.

The voice of an angel
keeps calling me.
I close my eyes,
but it's you I see.
Heaven above is closer
than they'd think.