Thursday, July 19, 2007

i need a title

Scarlet light
Twilight shimmer
Just reveal
A little glimmer
Listen to the calling
At the end of the path
Because knowing you
You’ll just turn back

Forget your past
Turn back your sorrow
Because you know
It’ll be better tomorrow

Try to forget
Try to realize
That life will flash
Before your eyes

There’s no time
No time to wait
Look down the path
Just keep going strait

Do you see the light?
Guiding you through
That small winding road
You can find your way through

Just keep following
That winding path
Keep on going
And don’t turn back


Elise said...

i love this. i could see the images and get an idea of what you were portraying. i think you could title it something like "The Light in the Tunnel."

Maria said...

Your label "Keep Going" would probably work fine as a title. Good job with keeping the rhythm & rhyme steady!