Thursday, July 19, 2007


Since I was little, people have always feared night.
Feared all of the everything it might bring.
Night itself was mysterious and well...dark.
Nighttime to me was always a time to wish for things.

Now that I have grown a bit,
I wonder if all of those people stopped to consider this...
that night brings possibilities.
For you never know what will happen during the night or
tommorrow, until you find out.

Eventually the dark navy skys will fade,
and a new day will come.
A new day of possiblities.
That day is Tommorrow.


Caitlin said...

It is a work in progress. I just wanted to keep it in a place so i would know where it was, but please do comment. I'd love to her what everyone thinks.

Maria said...

good point

brianne said...

I agree with Maria!-bri

Maddie said...

it's really good. i think the rhythm is really the only thing that needs work. But wow, you're amazing in all these things you are writing

Bela said...

That was SO good!!!
P.S. I agree with Maria and Brianne.

Gina said...

Does it have to be a poem? I think it's a good thought even as prose. :D