Thursday, July 19, 2007

Harry Potter

Singled out from his birth,
To defeat the Dark Lord
Two great friends always by his side

Special in ways no “muggle” can see
A scar on his forehead
And no parents to love

Gone through great dangers
And seen many things
He’s one of a kind, he knows what to do

You might know him you might not
But one thing you should know
Is that, his name is Harry Potter


Maddie said...

great job kenzie/noodle. it's really good

Gina said...

He doesn't ALways know what to do. He's totally clueless a good portion of the time! But he's still awesome. Heh, heh. Oh yeah, capitalize Muggle. I have to be nitpicky like that sorry, it's in me blood. >:}

Lovliest Dead said...

It doesn't flow well at some end parts if you read as a poem. But its really funny that you dedicated something to Harry Potter. lmao :D

brianne said...

Kenzie\noodle that is one great poem!!! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi kenzi this was pretty good