Friday, July 27, 2007


6,602,224,175. Do you know what that number is? That is the world population as of a July 2007 estimate. It is way too high. These gigantic proportions are literally choking our beloved Earth. To get this situation under control, we have a few options: we could all go to the moon (implausible), we could adopt children without homes instead of producing more, or we could just stop taking care of kids altogether (not going to happen). While the last option would have the most effect, it is the second one that is the most plausible.
Many people already choose to adopt children, instead of having them themselves (for various reasons). Because of the dire consequences of a ballooning population, I say we all forget about having our own kids and just adopt ones who have been abandoned by their birth parents (for various reasons). It would take quite some time for all children to get adopted, and goodness knows there are so many.
It makes perfect sense, ignoring bloodlines and related crap. There would probably be enough children to go around, without having extra ones to worry about. (If there aren’t enough to go around, remember that it takes a village to raise a child. You can share, right?) This is the only responsible and humane way to control the human population, which is burgeoning out of the Earth’s capacity to deal. We humans are putting a major strain on the Earth; in fact, we are the single most destructive specie to ever walk, crawl, swim, or otherwise exist on our small blue planet. Whether we are capable enough to clean up our own mess remains to be seen.
And don’t tell me because you didn’t start global warming or pollution or the human race means you are rendered incapable of doing anything to help. That’s like watching someone light a house on fire and saying, “It’s not my fault, I don’t have to do anything.” It is only decent to grab hold of the proverbial bucket of water and pitch in. My point is, we already destroyed the world enough, now let’s all help to put it back together again.
Scientific American had an article on June 17, 2007, pointing out how the Earth would be so much better without us, and revert back to its former green glory. Since nobody’s volunteering to go to the moon, children make people happy, we should all adopt children who otherwise wouldn’t have homes.

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