Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blood Lust

Cold white skin,
Brushes against mine.
As you lean in to me,
Your blood stained lips
From the past,
Graze my neck.
Your teeth get ready
For the pleasure,
Your eyes turn black
Your heart now empty.
We are lost in the darkness
Of the night.
Far from others
Who crowd the street
In the light of day.

Fear spreads through my body.
Quietness closes in
Around me.
Coldness moves
Through my blood stream,
As my heart stops beating.

You’re the only one who
Hears my scream
Pierce the silence of the night.


Gina said...

I still like this poem. Did you think of making it a mirror? That would be extra-creeeeeepy!!!

Maria said...

Very...*shoves on a garlic necklace* ...very descriptive...

Gina said...

Well, maybe you'd have to change stuff around a bit, but it would be cool *so there, maria!*

mandy said...

yeah that is a good idea to make it a mirror. i will try it soon.

Angie said...

hola amanda!!!!!!! very nice poeeeem! it's amazing. it reminds me of Dracula except it should take place in transylvania.

Firstmate said...

wow that was really good. Muy Bien ^:^