Thursday, July 19, 2007

Homocidal Spiders

You used to be the kind and innocent
Then you changed to black and harsh
You used to care about what I wanted
Then one day you went too far

There are spiders in my mouth when I kiss you
They crawl on my lips and onto my tongue
There are spiders on my hands when I touch you
They glide upon me with a tangible torment

There are too many spiders and they keep spreading
I fear the day the spiders will infest in my brain
You do not care that the spiders bite
You only care of your own pleasures

The day has come for the spiders to end
I can feel them crawl into my veins
They have laid eggs in my heart
I can feel myself gagging on their legs

There are spiders in my heart and they will kill me
They block the blood from getting there
You could have taken the spiders from my body
But you didn’t……

So good-bye to the spiders
Good-bye to you
Good-bye to this world


Angie said...

Are the spiders symbolic in some way? I like the imagery. Don't change it in any way. It's great.

Maddie said...

amzingly good, but, wow

mandy said...

it's amazing. great imagery! it has a lot of emotions!

Maria said...
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Maria said...

Wow, that's really sick imagery! (in both uses of the word "sick") :D