Wednesday, July 25, 2007


What it’s like living in Poland

Here’s what it’s like: let’s say
That you just finished
Helping feed the calves
Bringing back the obese cows
From a field just
Down the rocky road

So you hop on your rusty
Bike propped up against the stable door
And pedal toward
The small town
Passing everyone
Knowing everyone
Greeting everyone
With a simple nod

You arrive at the shop
Forehead glistening with sweat
Once inside,
You slide open the thick
Plastic door to reveal a
Display of ice-cream
You pluck one from the pile
And give in your 0.14zł

You ride back
To your farmhouse
And sit in the field
Letting the mosquitoes bite you
Eating your already melted ice-cream
Staring at the sky
And inhaling the deep aroma
Of Poland


Kell said...

I think you should have written it in Polish.

mandy said...

yeah you should totaly write it in Polish! i love the imagery! it makes me want to live there. it reminds me of vermont. :)

Angie said...

I'll try to translate it.

Gina said...

Just a question- what is 0.14zł?

Marta said...

OMG this is like totally awsome and being there and seeing all of this and expericanceing it....I can really see what i saw there in your poem.....and no offense but its so better then vermont...because off all the diffrent landscapes across it

Angie said...

0.14zl is a Polish currency. it's equal to maybe two cents i think.

Maria said...

Yay! Poland!