Thursday, July 19, 2007

Drunken Fury

Like a drunken sensation overtaking the body
It controls every emotion
Every thought
Every move
Like your brain is turned off
You move on instinct
You’ll whip and thrash
Till your body feels like trash

You suck up all pride
Keep it bottled up
Explode like a bomb
Till you want time to end up

All that words are
That may seem like everything once
Are just jumbled letters that someone thought up

Who can dream?
If life is hell
And will end up soon
Who can forgive?
When life’s screwed cause of them
Who can live?
When life’s a joke
Who can’t stop?
Cause of A Child Called “It”.


brianne said...

Love your poem!!! bri
I know u love me

Caitlin said...

Its pretty good. I like the refrence to a child called "it"

brianne said...

ya i liek your poem. heyy Caitlyn!!

Caitlin said...

hey bri!!!

Maria said...

Is this a reference to the book (A Child Called It)?

Good poem, but I don't really understand the reference at the end (maybe I'm just slow this late at night :D)

Maddie said...

Yeah, it was written after I finished "A Child Called 'It'" so that is the reference at the end

Anonymous said...

Whats a drunken fury?

Maddie said...

i, sort of just came to that because, david pelzer, who wrote the autobiography, said his mother was always drunk. that and how sh was just mean, got me to that title

The It Blog said...

I like it alot!