Friday, July 20, 2007

One Day I Finally Knew

One day I finally knew
How it felt to understand loss
To know what it was like
To be alone from those
I held close.

One day I finally knew
That no one seems to understand
Me, as who I truly am.

One day I finally knew
That my life has changed for ever
And what’s the sense
Of looking at the past.


Kenzie/Noodle said...

omw thats soooo sad

Anonymous said...

Thats really sad but really great!:)

Gina said...

Very thoughtful. What I don't understand, though- is the last stanza a rhetorical question?... Also, it's supposed to be loss, not lose in the first stanza, but I guess that would throw off the rhyme.

brianne said...
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brianne said...

Very thoughtful

Maria said...

"How it felt to understand lose" As Gina said, the word "lose" would probably be "loss" if it didn't throw off the rhyme, although it seems you are only rhyming in the first stanza. Is this only because it is in draft form?

Anyways, maybe "I understand how it felt to lose" would work better.