Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What It's Like to Live in Greenwich, CT

Here's What It's Like:
pulling into the driveway
of a brand new house,
sandwiched between
mega mansion
and bungalow,
but you in your medium
sized house,
feel separated.
You admire the physical
glitz and glam
At first, it's mesmerizing,
the shops, the cars, the riches,
and then you live there for a while
soon realizing that glitz comes with a fee
a big one
but NOT monetarily
Your pride, and your dignity
destroyed in an instant
by the so called people around you
by the so called friends near you
Then comes the betrayal,
and by the time you want out,
It's already too late,
so your front gates are locked
and your driveway offers no escape
No limitless exits,
only one locked door
and one more locked
That's what It's like to live in Greenwich.


Gina said...

Now I'm glad I don't live in Greenwich. ;)

Gina said...

Maybe you should say something about the other kids more?

Anonymous said...

that was what I was getting at about the kids. the betrayal, and destroying. To GINA: don't worry, Greenwich is a really nice place to live and there are a lot of nice people there. I wrote this version because I had already done my own perspective in school, so Ms. Domuracki told me to write it from someone who was just moving there's perspective. Hope that answers all of your questions.