Monday, July 23, 2007

There is No God: What it's like to be an atheist

The world is a strange place. In America, Christianity is the most common religion. There are Buddhists, Muslims, and others. And there are Atheists. I am one of these persons. Atheists are not a common group of people, and are sometimes even shunned by other religions. Pretty much all religions involve gods and spirits, so a group of people who believe there are no gods or spirits, would understandably seem scary and satanic. But I don't think this gives people the right to treat atheists unfairly. When you think about it, it's just as bad as racism against black people.

If Christianity is such a great and fine religion, why are they so opposed to those different from them? It is human nature to be against the unknown, but shunning them is so primitive.

In my experience, if I tell someone I don't believe in god, (and they are Christian), they say "oh, you're going to hell," or, "Whoa, you're in trouble now!"

This really annoys me. If you believe in God, I have no problem, but if you insist he exists to someone and try to change their beliefs, I do have a problem. If I am atheist, don't tell me something is going to happen, that would only happen if there was a god. It doesn't make sense, so to me, you're just acing like I believe in God.

I predict that in the future, atheism will be much more widespread. Tis is because more and more science is proving things about the past: evolution, the big bang; all of these are explaining how the world started, without there being a god.


Maddie said...

wow. i'm christian, but this all makes sense. i guess good for you, if that's what you stand for. and not everyone is like that. I was surprised, yes. but i guess your sort of right. [even though i'll remain christian]

jesskahface said...

flippy, i'm atheist too.
well written.

The It Blog said...

im not atheist, flippy, but i think that this is a very good piece and i totally agree with you about changing others' beliefs.

Maria said...

Good points. Maybe you could include some information about the Crusades or the jihads or how people start wars because of religion.

"When you think about it, it's just as bad as racism against black people." The portion of this sentence that I italicized is unnecessary, as it could lead people to believe that you think racism against other groups of people is fine.

There was an interesting article in last week's New York Times Magazine about science vs. religion. If I remember the title, I'll try to post a link. It was a discussion between two scientists: one an American who believes science could help explain religion, one a British man who believes that religion should be abolished.

noah2413 said...

Maria, i don't agree with you about it suggesting i think racism is fine. The piece clearly shows that i don't like people who don't like atheists simply for their non-belief. Therefore, if i think it is as bad as racism against blacks, it suggests i think racism against blacks (and all races/groups) is horrible and unnecesary. Thanks for the comment though!

Maria said...

Be careful that you don't suggest that all Christians are opposed to people different from them. Not all Christians are, and many other religions are also adamant in their shunning of people different from themselves.

Being an atheist myself, many points here ring true with me. I'm open to religion, even if I don't personally believe in anything.

Kell said...

I agree with you Noah. I'm an atheist too. THis piece definatly has voice. YOu could talk about how our country is supposed to have sepration of chruch and state but they have comandments displayed in court houses, no teaching of evolution of some schools, no gay marriage because of christian beliefs, etc.
Good start.

Gina said...

No offense, but a lot of this piece sounds whiny. Rethink your word choice, maybe? And I agree with Maria about the racism against black people thing. It's unneccessary, and it might give people the wrong idea.

On the whole, though, great job. Is it finished? You have great vioce.

Anonymous said...

maybe you shouldn't start off with "There is No God," although it caught my attention, i'm not sure that people would appreciate the image you are setting. Still keep your purpose, yet make it a little less "BAM!-no God"

Gina said...

Good job with this piece- no matter what that lady said yesterday, you're qualified. :D