Monday, July 23, 2007

My Problem

Why is it every time I talk,
It’s little bit too loud
And people always tell me,
Let’s play the quiet game,
Don’t lose

Why is it I speak too fast,
And my whistle is so loud.
When people ignore me,
I keep talking, unaware.

Why is it I laugh so loud,
And can be so clumsy.
If I laugh at myself too,
Am I laughing with them?

Why am I not in charge,
of what comes out of my mouth,
talking before thinking,
instead of the other way around

Why am I this way,
Does it make sense?
Please read this to yourself,
Because I’ve probably read too fast.


The It Blog said...

i remember reading this before ... you really improved! [: I LUUUURVE IT, and the part at the end about reading too fast really ties the whole thing together! :)

Gina said...

This is so saaad... : (

Maddie said...

no it's not sad. i'm sort of making fun of myself,
but these are qualities that i love about myself