Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Respect for women..

All along women have been objectified and one step behind men in government, politics, and rights. Today is not much different. Women may have the right to vote and have a place in politics, however they do not have equal pay in many positions and are still objectified as much if not more so then before.
We live in the modern world of female advancement and the modern working women. This woman is educated in the same manner that her male counterpart is and yet is making on average twenty percent less then he is. How is this possible? Women are supposed to have equal rights and pay. Sexual discrimination is illegal and women have a strong voice in politics. The government has not passed enough legislation to have this be a reality and protect its female population. Wage isn’t the only problem with which government has turned its back on.
The way women are objectified in society is a also a problem that we must deal with, pornography and other such forms should be eradicated because even though some women might, place themselves in those situations they are making a mockery of the female race.
This also has connotations that men are above women and implies that they are allowed to get away with more. Even words like “slut” among others have the same meaning as “pimp” yet are considered worse. Why can’t both be negative? They can both lead to the same thing and mean promiscuous. Yet when a male is called a “pimp” is almost like a sigh of accomplishment.
This also brings up how men treat women as object and feel that they can disrespect them. Even as a sixteen year old girl I cannot jog down a street, or walk home from work with out eyes moving off the road and onto the sidewalks, sometimes even a beep or two. It makes you feel horrible as if you, yourself have done something wrong. A lot of men, not all by no means am I condemning the whole male species, have disrespected women in some or all forms of this and its despicable.
Women have to get angry about this and show men that they are better, shoot a dirty look, demand higher pay and look down on the way that men treat them. Otherwise we will go back in time not forward and female advancement will reverse.


Gina said...

I totally agree.

A couple things though: you should check over and break up some of your run-on sentences, and make your punctuation is correct.

I noticed you said "the female race" and "the male species". Technically, we are all part of the species homo sapiens and the human race.

Also, what do you mean by objectified???

In the paragraph when you were talking about politics, it confused me. You said that women have a strong voice in politics, then you said that the government has turned its back on us. You might want to point out the irony there... :)

Nice job, sorry if I'm a bit nitpicky. :D

Kate said...

You go girl!!

Kell said...

I also agree. About the legislation that should be passed you might was to research the Equal Rights Admendment because that would be a great document if the congress passed it. And the honking thing is discusing it really freaks me out. I was walking down the street with a 11 year old and someone honked, gross