Thursday, July 19, 2007


Boom! Crash!
“I love y…”
One tear comes,
One billion come out.
You’ve heard that this happens
You never thought it would happen to you.
“It’s my fault, I know it is.”
“Why did we have to fight?”
Guilt burns and weeps inside you,


Anonymous said...

Yes! Exaaaactly.

Bela said...

It's very angry for you, Maddie. But all the same, I love it!!!

Gina said...

A different take on Maddie... From the way I see it, this is from the point of view of someone in a relationship (can't tell if it's platonic or romantic from the wording...) that is ripping apart at the seams---

Or, wait, I read it over again (didn't understand the first line) and thought to myself, is this about someone dying in a car crash?

I love the last two lines, I think they're really profound: "Gulit burns and weeps inside you,/!Death!" I don't know if you purposely put the exclamation point there, but it works perfectly. Great job, Maddie. Explain please?