Monday, July 23, 2007

My First Loss

It was Sunday midnight in May when I first got the call,
The horrible, yet expected, message,
Which confirmed it all.

I dropped the phone.
I started to cry,
But I knew in my heart that it was time.

As we watched the progression
Of the unbearable disconnection
To the world he knew so well,
None of us knew what to do.
He was under a failing spell.

My father beheld glistening eyes,
A sight I had never seen.
As I looked around,
I heard the sounds,
of everyone tearing near me.

As I sat there, memories started to fill my head;
The stories which you told, and the Passover dinners you lead.
And they made me forget the sight of you on that bed.

You are missed to an incredible amount,
And as you are looking from above,
Just remember, that we all remember,
And you are very loved.


Maria said...

Deep and utterly relateable.
"My father showed an upset emotion" is just a bit awkwardly worded. I understand that you probably mean to say that you had never seen your father upset before; the wording is just a little... I don't know, just a little awkward. Otherwise, I can find nothing wrong with this poem.

Maddie said...

i agree with maria. it was amazingly done though. maybe you could name it after the lost person. or maybe a title of a story or a song, that ties this together

Kenzie/Noodle said...

i agree with both maria and maddie. That was great and sad at the same time