Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Snow White Version 3

Skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony."- Snow White

Black ebony lined the circular window in the South tower. There was a thick crack that ran from top left to the bottom of the window. Jack Frost blew in the cruel cold and beautiful snow of Germany. The fragile woman rocked in the creaky broken chair, humming an obscure tune. She was dressed in a thin white gown with decorative frills adorning the collar and bottom. The Queen, who was sickly and unloved, multitasked between fondly rubbing her stomach and embroidering a tiny baby dress. Unfortunately, she had accidentally left her pinkie finger in the path of the needle. As soon as the needle broke her skin, blood started to leak out. A drop fell on the snow that lined the window. There was a strict contrast between the blood, the pristine snow, and the ebony window. It made a smile grace the Queen’s lips, and with the slightly bloody needle she stitched the letters of her unborn baby…
S. W.
An ordinary child the age of seven fluttered through the snow. Jumping and twisting trying to enjoy her short moment of freedom. Her mother, the Queen, would arrive soon agitated at the disappointment that Snow was. She was not as beautiful as the Queen wanted. Snow White was not the statue that the Queen could just place on a pestle, no, the girl wanted to be cared for. She wanted a mother and a father that could display affection. Even though the Queen forbade it, the King would always give that girl hug and kisses. The Queen believed that county of Neuschwanstein, Germany would not listen to a King who showed any forms of affection. The fragile ice Queen shrieked at a servant to bring the child in. She watched out of her window and the huntsman son, a handsome boy of sixteen, joined her daughter in their useless frolicking.


sportsgirl109 said...

this is really good

Maria said...

Good job! But when you say "Snow White was not the statue that the Queen could just place on a pestle," I think you mean "Snow White was not the statue that the Queen could just place on a pedestal. Otherwise, very good.

Gina said...

Hehe, I know Maria just yelled at you for the same thing, but a pestle is the thing you grind stuff with in a mortar. :D

Oh, and add an apostrophe to "huntsman son", unless of course you meant that the Queen had a son who was a huntsman. Now THAT would put an interesting spin on the story- having the son ordered to kill his sister!

LOVE the line about useless frolicking...hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa... I can't stop LAUGHING!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D