Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Before I Had Time

We left before I had time,
not knowing it would be the last,
only having time to watch
as you left me behind.

We left before I had time,
to memorize everything around.
To engrave your face within
the center of my heart.

We left before I had time,
to prepare for the regret
of never seeing you again.
Never hearing the words “I love you,”
coming from your mind.

You left before I had time,
to share my ending thoughts.
To let you know how much
I’ll miss you,
as you leave me behind.

You left before I had time,
to spend another day
as it use to be,
Now it’s just me.

You left before I had time,
to let the tears hit the ground.
To let my voice fill the room
with a final good-bye.


Gina said...

Wow. This almost made me cry.

Angie said...

This is completely amazingly incredible good.

Angie said...

hehe-very nice. bardzo ladnie napisano

Angie said...

amanda, i need to tell you the most important information in the whole wide universal studios...hi

Angie said...'s life been treating you? i'm hungry...lets ditch this and go to lunchness. we have to save tom from going onto the dark side with ryan!!!!

Angie said...


Angie said...

kelly thinks the polish president is ugly!!!