Thursday, July 19, 2007


Blonde or Brunette
Simplistic and great
So shy in the beginning
So real
Wardrobe is adorable
Sometimes stronger than her
A person you should know
Down to earth
You’ll grow
Don’t lose hope
She grows with you
Just talk
Open up
She’ll make you glad
I know


brianne said...

I feel so honored to have someone write about me! thanks so much maddy

Maria said...

Nice! I would just like one thing clarified:
When you say
"Wardrobe is adorable
Sometimes stronger than her"
do you mean that her clothes are sometimes stronger than she is?

Maddie said...

i think her outfits, sometimes seem bolder than she really is. but she is still so awsome

Anonymous said...

Thats so mean.

Anonymous said...

I meant thats so mean as in ur comment!

Maddie said...

no, i mean that as in. when i saw her for the first time, i thought preppy, seeming nice, and very bold, like as in she knows what she wants and she'll try to get it. but once we started talking, she seemed gentler. she is so sweet, and i kind of thought she might be a little full of herself. but she's totally not. and i think she is awsome. and sometimes i guess i just say or write something that sounds mean. but i seriously did not intend that.

Kenzie/Noodle said...

yeh maddie, thats sort of mean

Maddie said...
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brianne said...


The It Blog said...

omg this is adorable =P