Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Questions that keep me awake at night
(A Song for Joanna Newsom)

What are lies?
What is truth?
How does age
Spring out of youth?

What is hope
And what’s despair?
Does it matter
If I care?

If seeing is believing
And seeing’s with the eyes,
How come things
Come so often in disguise?
What came first,
The stormcloud or the weather?
Surely, they can’t have
Come together.

What is truth?
What are lies?
All these ques-
Tions I despise

What’s despair
And what is hope?
How many threads
Does it take to make a rope?

Springing from the woods
In the dead of the night,
Strange things lurk
Just out of sight
Then in the morning
Comes the dew
What is me
And what are you?

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