Thursday, July 19, 2007


Old, dirty Nickel
I know you’re a coin, but do not hide
I looked in the crevice on the floor
And in the dirt, I found where you lied

Old, dirty Nickel
I cannot see your either side
The date on you is no more
You could’ve stayed in my pocket to ride

Old, dirty Nickel
The cleaners is where you could’ve lied
Right inside my pocket’s core
It’s too late, you drenched yourself in cyanide

Old, dirty Nickel
Now I’ve got a new nickel that’s dried
You are shiny no more
My new nickel never will hide

I will never forget you my old dirty Nickel…


Firstmate said...

Groovy Duckie, Its really good. Just dont let Nickel see it

Anonymous said...

"Lied" is only past tense when it means "told a falsehood"; the past tense is "lay"

Maria said...

I like it! Hahaha, cyanide... it's poison you know. :D