Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Ballad of Nelson the Dead Fly Friend

Nelson, the Dead Fly Friend
You were the best at your end
You scared all preps away
And would always save the day!

Nelson, the Dead Fly Friend
You were amazing all year round
You never made a sound
I was so happy when you were found

I was in Gym
So bored and sad
Then I saw you and I was glad
When they told me to throw you out I was mad
You were mine! They couldn’t take you

Nelson, you may be falling apart
But you’ll always be in my heart
I was so sad when they thrust us apart

Some say dead friends are weird
But I think they make the best friends
Their loyal and will never leave you
I made a dead friend
Who knew?
Chuck Norris can’t even compare to you

Then the tragic day came
When I put you in my pocket
Your arms came out of the socket

I miss you more and more each day
Then I had to give you away
I gave you to Neely Neels

I wonder what then happened to you
Maybe she took you to Peru
I’ll always love you till the end
Nelson, the Dead Fly Friend.


Lovliest Dead said...

I remember nelson some prep named Katie was scared of you cuz of that. shes like i dont like that girl cuz she carries around a dead fly. Shes neely friend or something

Maria said...

Love it! A couple things: "'Cause they suck" doesn't rhyme with anything (although it is funny!) The line "I was so sad when they made us depart" is sort of awkwardly worded. Maybe "I was so sad when they thrust us apart" or something of that nature would work better. :D

Maria said...

Oh yeah, one nitpicky thing- you said "there" at one point when you should have said "their". (Yeah, I know, really nitpicky...)

Gina said...

*snif snif* The arms coming out of his sockets thing really was sad. But where in Gym did you find Nelson?