Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lies is a four-letter word

Lies is a four-letter word

its four o’clock
i thought we’d make it
tell me something I haven’t heard
they say scars fade
but these won’t
forgive and forget
forgive and forget
harder than it sounds
we’re becoming all you thought we wouldn’t be
poised and perfect
so tell me something I didn’t know
and try to forgive and forget
because I ain’t coming back

you wanted an anthem
you got an airbrushed dream
but did I ever really matter?
Love me or leave me
I guess you chose the latter
I’d say I’m better
But to each his own


jesskahface said...

ily and your not meed-ee-oak-errr poem.

Maddie said...

is this your emo poem?

Caitlin said...

:D ily and your mediocre peom which isn't mediocre really. its good and i like it honest.