Thursday, July 19, 2007

Anime Freaks and Orchestra Geeks

Anime Freaks and
Orchestra Geeks
Lowest rung on the social ladder
Feared by the common cheerleader

We fill the air with hyper shrieks
Never fearing to speaks
our mind
very loudly.

Anime Freaks and
Orchestra Geeks
Intimidating to say the least,
With more layers than a barrel of onions.

Not only are we
anime freaks and orchestra geeks

we are…
Jews ,

We are your basic misfits and weirdoes


of it.


Angie said...

Kell, i think your poem is an amazing way of showing how we're treated in our school. but also, how we really don't care. i like the end. it's not cheesy or classy, it's just something you would say.

mandy said...

hey kell,
i love this poem. it is sooo us! it is probably the best way to show how we are in school. its amazing!!!! :)

Caitlin said...

Hey, I really like your peom. I agree with the other comments. I think its great that you wrote this poem. Many people can relate to it because so many of us are labeled. I esp. like the title :]

Kenzie/Noodle said...

this is a great poem. i especially liike the part that says we aare..... and the end

Firstmate said...

I really like this poem. you read it in group. The part where you say you speak your minds, it doesnt flow that well. My favorite part was about the tree hugers. Great poem!

Catherine said...

this is a totally awesome poem. i can't relate to what u say, by saying we're on a low social scale, cause i'm an anime freak (otaku) but i get what ur saying and it's cool the way u configured the poem. i luv the ending most of all because we r damn proud of it!!