Thursday, July 12, 2007

Living In My World

Many people think it's fancy--
you must have a yacht;
be rich in general...
well it's not all like that.

You know only your friends
from school and your
parents' friends but amazingly
you quickly become friends
with just about everybody,

and as your relationships form,
the town gets bigger-- more people
to meet but you may never's all how Fairfield is

and you work hard everyday
come home at night to
watch a game and do you thing
you hange with your friends every
chance you get--who knows why

but we all do
cling or quarrel to
make up again later
all to find we will drift
someday; find new friends
in the town that's always
getting bigger.


Maddie said...

u should change the name

Angie said...

i agree. the name is too direct. it's too literal. but the poem is creative

Maddie said...

the title sounds almost narcissistic, but its good