Tuesday, July 10, 2007


You thought I didn’t notice
The lights left burning, and
The music left blaring. You are
Getting careless, careworn.
I try, but you turn, and I,
Like a fly on your wall, am too easily
Squishable. Invisible
As the ghosts in the horror films
We once watched on Sundays,
Before your silence and solitude, sobs
That reach me in the afternoons
Never at night, like a normal person, but
When I am not supposed to hear
Or expect anything. I ought to be
Busy with sandwiches, studies, books
My own life, and you in your own
Little world, like always, with the desk and
Dog-eared takeout menus, coated in sketches,
Sprawled and scrawled into illegibility,
Ideas never refined. But lately
They are not so sketched. The lines are
Stronger, clearer, and at the same time, you
Blur at the edges, fading, so like
Moonlight in the morning mist.
And I wonder how long it’s been
Since you started holding the permanent pen
Firmly in your fist, making defined
Outlines on plain white paper while
Outside you are becoming paler
Than the lights that you sleep by, and
You are harder to see for who you are,
Or we are, for I notice that, in the time
It took for me to notice it all,
I was blind to the sketches of our life
That somehow became reality.


Zoe said...

this is so good! i love it. im not sure i really understand it, but it just has a really good sound. i really like it.

Zoe said...

(to answer your comment) yeah, im definitely still working on it. that's only the veryy veryyy beginning. glad you like it. :]

Catherine said...

this is a really good use of metaphors. i loved it!

Zoe said...

yeah, i noticed that too. i changed my font color to gray, which i think fixed it, but they should change the background color anyway. im not sure who the administrator ppl are though.