Thursday, July 19, 2007


The mist tickled the eyes of passerby, all going to there jobs. The Brisk New York Morning was wet but pleasant, considering the 90 degree weather they had had the last couple of days. Brian hurriedly tried to find a subway station. And everyone knows when you need the subway, it mysteriously disappears. Short on cash, he couldn’t afford a taxi, and reluctantly lifted the back of his overcoat over his head. He had a meeting with Corporate today, and needed to look professional.

He thought about the dangerously low sales that were hitting the Rickney Agency. You see, Brian Whitiker was a Senior Sales Associate at the Rickney Advertising Agency. The corporate “Big Guys” were “concerned” about “sales.” That’s Office code for, “They don’t like you, you’re not good enough, and you’re probably fired.” All the more reason to try to impress them enough to change their single-facetted minds. They only cared about Cash, and if he could get them to think he could help them get “cash,” he knew they would let him stay. At the wages they paid him, what did they have to lose, anyway?

He thought about what he would do if he was fired. He had no family, and no real credentials for another good job. He went to his town college, Fairfield University. Not exactly Harvard, but it taught him what he needed to know.

He thought about the Law and Order episode he watched on TV last night (his mind went astray from serious thoughts). He thought about everything. Brian, was a thinker. As you probably figured out by now, he’s just a normal person living the normal New York City office worker life. Nothing Special. But good enough for Brian. He didn’t have high standards.

Still, he thought about getting fired; he knew it would happen; he always had terrible luck. So he decided to push it out of his mind, since it would only damage his attempt at being impressive to Corporate.

* * *

“Brian Whitiker, Brian Whitiker,” Brian got up from his seat while putting down his paper, and walked to the door that led to the hall, that led o the meeting. The intercom had called him to the meeting. As he walked down the hall, he felt a voice in his mind, “Dead Man Walkin! Dead man Walkin here!” Chills, no, not chills, but ice cold electrical shock ran up and down his body, Suspense, acceptance, and helplessness in a dangerous mix that would ruin anyone’s day.

“Brian, take a seat. As you know, slaes are down,” explained Jack Rickney, President of the company.

“Briliant!” mumbled Brian sarcastically.

“What was that?” Jack asked.

“Oh, nothing, I was just, er, clearing my throat,” said Brian quickly

thought Brian.

To be Continued…


Maria said...

Hm... *scratches head* Thoughtful

brianne said...

I liked your story!

Gina said...

I like all the little words in quotation marks. I think I will start calling money "cash". Why did you name this story Leech?