Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Chapter 1 – Anastasia

I never thought that being different,
Could be so destructive.
I never thought I had a problem,
Until now.
I have horns upon my head.
I’m special.

My name is Anastasia Katzagoitz.
Call me Anoka.
I am mentally unstable.
I have a problem.

Alice is taking over me.
I have reasons to believe so anyways.
I’m usually happy.
I’m usually in control of myself,
But she’s taking over.

She’s changing me.
I used to look in the mirror,
And I’d see myself.
Now I see Alice.

She’s watching me,
Preparing to attack.
She’s taking me away from everyone.
She’s pulling me back.
She’s trying to come out.
She’s trying to control my life.

I need to stop her.
Don’t judge me yet.
I know you probably think
That I’m really crazy.
I’m just me though.
All I’m looking for is acceptance.
I want someone to understand me.
I want a friend.


AnkaChan92 said...

i comment myself! :D
mwahaha XD

Rachel I said...

i really like this story (i've read the 3 chapters you've posted) and i hope you continue posting later chapters. i need to know how it all works out!

Gina said...

Whoa. That is such a freakin' great beginning... nice!!!