Thursday, July 19, 2007

Beach Lullaby

I enter the tropical paradise with the smell of salt welcoming me
Music of the waves surrounds me
Like a lullaby
The sand crumbles under my feet with every step,
Leaving my footprint behind
Until the next person steps where I have walked,
Removing me from the sand
My legs sink into the water as I wade in deeper
The salt sticks to my skin
The waves lap up against my body,
Pushing me away
Then pulling me out to sea
The cold sinks deep into my bones
As the sun warms my face
The seagulls sing overhead,
In tune with the ocean
Like a lullaby
I leave the water behind
As I move through sand
Every grain connects to my feet
As I lay on the softness of my towel
The water dripping from my arms and legs
The sun covers me
In a thick blanket of heat
I close my eye
The beach only a whisper in my ear
I listen to the quiet sounds
Like a lullaby


Kell said...
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Kell said...

I like it Mandy... sorry about the delete

Angie said...

Very peaceful. I love it.

brianne said...

I love your poems. They are all really good.