Tuesday, July 10, 2007

To my dear friend

We don’t understand our feelings, but I want to know you so much, How come you left me high and dry, while I was in the middle of my decisions, considering your condition. I have so many questions to ask you like, do I ever cross your mind? I still wonder what you think of me, even though you’re not with me. I wish I could read your mind. And if you were interested in getting to know me like I am obsessed with getting to know you, I’m very confused can you explain these insane, the ones I can’t diagnose, feelings that make my stomach queasy, and fill with what seems like thousands of fluttering butterflies… Why’d you do this to me, touch me, tempt me, and drive me so insane? I want to know where you are, and be right there with you.


Rachel I said...

this is really cool, like a poem without white spaces, which i think makes it flow better. it's also cool how a few of the words rhyme, but not in a pattern... it could have been unintentional. i really like it.

Gina said...

It's really interesting how confused the narrator is, paradoxing herself to the point of delusion. An interesting piece, to be sure. :)