Thursday, July 19, 2007

Not All Theatres Are Quiet

Not all theatres are quiet
By Meghan Williams

You’ve never been there but I have. Some say it is a bad place to be and it is UNHEALTHY. But for many it helps them get to their feet. It’s a club for the outcasts of the world. Some people just don’t understand the importance of it. There’s one for almost every state, it was built for us creatures of the underworld. We are the ones who wear black and never talk to others. You wouldn’t recognize us at our home. There we are loud and shout, everyone is welcomed and no one is judged. The club isn’t sophisticated but we all dress up for the occasion. We rise for the pledge…
“I pledge allegiance to Richard O’Brien…” We all say it while smiling in our own happy way. Sometimes we get up and dance around in an anarchic way. Sure it’s a theatre but no one but the screen tells us what to do. We throw things at each other and run around bringing chaos.

I’ve thrown rice
I’ve thrown toilet paper
I’ve thrown toast

You can dress the way you want
You can do whatever you wish

So let’s do the time warp in the theatre, over and over again. I hope one day you join us in our club for the lonely. I hope one day you understand why it is so important. You, in the yellow raincoat one day will understand.

We are the Scientists of the world.
We are the Handymen of the world
We are the Domestics of the world
We are the Groupies of the world
We are the Heroes of the world
We are the Heroines of the world
We are the Creations of the world
We are the Deliverers of the world
We are the Criminologists of the world

We are Rocky Horror.


Maria said...

Hmm... I like the title. Is this an actual place or just something out of Rocky Horror? (I admit I've never seen it, so I wouldn't know.)

Gina said...

Um... ya might wanna think about removing your last name...

I love the imagery and the title. Maybe you should explain who Richard O'Brien is??? Or not, if it's just suppoesed to be mysterious. The list at the end is FUNNY!!! I love how the scientists are thrown in with the handymen. Hahahaaaaaaaaa...