Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mackenzie "Noodle"

A babyface so young
Yet talking so old
So sweet and adorable
Ringlets so cute

Bouncing along
Kenzie or Noodle
Whatever you prefer
Always laughing
Always talking

Admirable in so many ways
Just the sincerity sometimes
Unpredicted, in her baby voice days

You love her
You hate her
Easy as that

Pick a side
Look around
Find a laugh!


brianne said...

I like your poem.Its good

Marta said...

I like it espacially the last stanza...but i think u should re read it...and make sure it flows

Kenzie/Noodle said...

Aww ur so sweet thanks for writing something on me. It was great

Gina said...

Wait, I thought you were Kenzie/Noodle/Steeple. Right???

"Yet talking so old" Maybe you should say "speaking" instead??

brianne said...
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Anonymous said...

Interesting poem! My only issue is that it is a bit narcissistic at times, and FYI that baby voice was getting irritating this afternoon.

Maddie said...

firsty of all i think noodles voice is cute. secondly, it may seem narcissistic, but i was sort of just descibing her in a light-hearted way. and although some say it's confusing. i think i'm just reading it in a different way then you guys