Thursday, July 19, 2007


The Dreamers Dream Tomorrow
The Fighters Fight Today
Have They Stopped Their Sorrow
Will They Find Their Way
The Lovers Love to Quarrel
They’ve Caught us by Surprise
While the Dreamer Keeps on Dreaming
Will it end in our reprise

Countries Beyond Countries
Sinners Beyond Sin
Liars drowning in their lies
While the Minds of Shadows Win
And Tell them that They’re Sorry
And Tell Them they've regressed
Their leaving for a New place
And They want to Look their Best

But maybe I'm a cynic
Maybe I'm just Dark
But hearts have hardened in the world
On the Futures Bloodstained Mark
Is the Sadness justified
Whose the man to blame
Find a tone that fits the mood
Or Play the Devil’s Game

The politicians’ policies
Have the cloud to grow
The killer hums a Bible Hymn
To Inmates on Death Row


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are awesome.

Caitlin said...

Wow... This is amazing. I like how deep this is and you definitely get your point across. I really like the first stanza. Good job :]

Marta said...

I really enjoyed it and i really enjoyed the message but I had concern with it you have countries beyond countries sinners.......lies all of whihc i really liek in that second stanza however the first line of the second stanza the countries beyond countries threw me off

Kate said...

It's really powerful. The rhyme didn't seem forced because of your word choice. I really liked it!

Maria said...

Good rhythm & rhyme! There was not one point in the poem where you seemed to be straining to squeeze something in or make something rhyme. Very thought-provoking.

Anonymous said...

Love it! The capitalizations bug me, though.

Anonymous said...

This was really good I really love the last two stanzas.

Anonymous said...

i really love this poem. the last 2 stanzas are my favorite

The It Blog said...

i didnt get it but it was nifty rhyming

noah2413 said...

This is a great poem. The rhyme works well and sounds well, which gives the poem mroe impact. Thanks for the read!

Anonymous said...

i love you.

The Nitpicky Editor said...

2nd stanza 7th line- "they're" not "their"

3rd stanza 4th line- add apostrophe

3rd stanza 6th line- "who's" not "whose"

3rd stanza- question marks?