Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Chapter 2 – Innocence and Evil

Today we talked.
I sat down at my desk and looked at the mirror.
Finally, I saw her coming.
Her eyes were all I noticed.
They weren’t like my icy blue ones.
Hers resembled fire.

I found myself crouching over,
Looking down at the floor.
I couldn’t look at her.
It hurt.

“What do you want?”
“Hi Alice. I wanted to talk.”
“Why what?”
“Why do you keep ruining things?
Why do you keep pushing people away!?”
She laughed, “Why do you care?
No one is going to accept you Anoka.
No one… Not ever! You’re too different.
No one likes a girl with horns. Besides…
If they saw you at night, and what you become,
They’d all run. They’d all be afraid and avoid you.”

Suddenly the door slammed open.
My mother.
She saw me crying,
But she didn’t come near me.

“Anastasia! What are you doing!?
Why are you yelling at the mirror??”

A gasp.
“Mom… I… It’s nothing. Just go away.”
She shut the door.
She didn’t care.
She never cared.
She never will.

I looked back in the mirror.
She backed down.
Alice was gone.

No answer…
“Alice, you coward.”

I walked back to my bed and sat down.
“It’s not my fault.
It’s hers.
My friends wouldn’t leave me.
Would they?
They’ve never seen my horns.
In school, I’ll remove my hat.
I’ll see if they run.
I know they won’t.
They wouldn’t.
Or would they?”
I sighed, frustrated.
“It’s so confusing!
I hate you Alice!
I hate you…”

Suddenly I felt a sharp pain.
It grew.
I held my head tightly,
Then fell off the bed.

“Alice, no!”

I gripped my head tighter and before I knew it,
I was gone.

She laughed.
“Now I’m in control.”

She walked downstairs,
Passing my mother.
“Where are you going Anoka?”
“Shut up lady!”
She walked out of the house.
I’m in trouble now.


Gemma said...

dude, CHA YEAH!!!!!! anyway, you tottally rock... woo!

Gina said...

Somehow I don't think this is going to end well for poor little Anoka... :(