Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Secrets You Know

I know things I shouldn’t know.
About where they go when the world gets heavy.
About how they go and let the world spin.
I know what they know, but they won’t let me in.
Deserted here by all who know.
Deserted here, and left to be blue.
Plans to kill that fill her head.
Plans that kill have left you dead.
One way streets, turned into two.
Split down the middle, cut in two.
Like lives split by divorce.
Killing kids with its great force.
No one cares about what’s going on.
Their friends are dieing, they go on and on.
Crying about things that only matter to them.
It’s their world no one else can get in.
People come, and people go.
People say, and people know.
Not ready to grow up, not ready to get old.
Not wanting to be here, this life is getting cold.

A poem I wrote last year


Sabby said...

I like it, it's really good. :D

Carolyn said...

Woooow. I loved it!!!
Very dark - I love the title too