Monday, July 21, 2008


All is frigid and quiescent that surrounds me. The numbing cold induces a deep sleep upon me, from which I can feel the world around me shifting, yet I cannot move or see. Yet my children are my eyes, and they tell me of what they have seen. The world is changing, they speak, all is not well...

My body's coat of cold, my body's substance is deteriorating gradually... I see what my children meant. There is danger, something is certainly awry upon this Earth. The greedy and misguided men have learned to forge her beauty into power... yet I do not fear. At the peak of my wisdom, I can sympathize with and understand these beings, foolish though they may seem... They believe in doing what is best for their kind, in caring for them, as I watch over my children from my peak... though they are incognizant of the danger they are causing to themselves and to my children's existence. And though my children weep in sorrow and fear for their death and perhaps mine... I believe what was meant to occur will do so, and destiny will determine our fate. The world has survived countless ages of ice, ages of fire, and other periods of strife... and I believe it will continue to subsist, even if we ourselves do not. Mankind will thrive anew from the ashes of death, learning from the mistakes of their ancestors.

Despite the chaos below, all is peaceful atop my peak... for I am certain that if we do not survive, our memory will be carried upon the winds' everlasting breath.

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