Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We hide...................

We hide in the noise, the silence shone on us like a spotlight stripping us of our shadows.
- Cynthia Grant - Uncle Vampire
Many people hide from their mistakes they cover them up and try to run away. The truth is you can’t run away from anything even killing yourself you can’t escape anything. You just kill yourself causing everyone else more problems. Sometimes I have thought about leaving…. Yes that kind of leaving. I’m glad I never attempted it because now I realize that everything and everyone has problems no one knows exactly what’s going to happen to at least grab life by the reigns and steer your life the way you want it to be and have days filled with sunshine, candy, and unicorns.

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Gumdrop :-] said...

wow, this is so touching i am glad that u didn't commit suicide.....cause if u did then u couldn't write this poem taht meant so much to me......this poem meant so much to me because klately i hav been thining of killing myself so this makes me feel a little better...... so thank you... <(^_^)>