Monday, July 21, 2008

I Am The Life

I am every facet
I am the crumbling sand
I am the tiniest pebble teetering at my summit
I am the age-old iron core
Withstanding howling wind and howling humans
I am the entire sheer, snow covered face
I am the rock veins that feed
Into the deep roots of my stubborn trees
I am the foot-imprinted dirt on my surface
Now softened by fallen green-to-brown needles
And blankets of snow
Melting with the setting ball of fire
That reflects my own color of choice
And makes it deeper, russet
I am the blue you see in the dead of night
And old blood dried rusty.
I am this oversized boulder
I am the ravine below
I feel the constant flow of life
Trickle over my body through time
Desperate souls leaping out of life
Into my rocky caress
Or climbing my impossible face
To have the strength for one more mundane day.
I feel my trees being carved into with love
Years later they are wrenched out of me
Roots dangling and trailing
Like thousands of tiny fingers
Reaching back to me in longing.
I feel the torrential rains and floods
Splashes of paint and tears and blood and sweat
I feel the dusty settle of dirt falling
From the manufactured crevices of thousands of boots
From distant rocks and mountains
Saying hello.
I feel the hearts about to burst
With joy and wonder
Looking out at my kingdom
Feeling for answers
And looking back down the length of my body
At what a single piece of flesh can accomplish
My age old, crumbling yet strong for eons self.
My craggy and ragged, yet smoothed out tired
By feet and water and wind
Sparsely dressed by trees and snow and clouds
Painted with blood orange and burgundy
And the smoky red of dream-fueled flames
And shadows of sunset blue self.
Against my immovable self.
I am the journey.
I am the passion and the quest
I am pure life and time and patience
I am the beauty and the flaws
I am the sage, the wise old one
I am the memory of life.
I am the mountain.

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Luke said...

The imagery is fantastic. I can see it all in front of me