Monday, July 21, 2008

What, Why, and Who

“What happened!!?” I screamed to the nurse that was above my father’s half alive body

“You are going to have to leave the room please” The nurse said to me in a calming tone

“No, I am not leaving. I need to know what happened.” I said in a demanding tone

That day I waited in the waiting room while my step dad was in the emergency room screaming of so much pain. Well, my step dad is in the army and he was suppose to be coming back home today but he went to the emergency room. See right now you know as much as I know I don’t know what had happened and I am not sure if he is going to live. I know that he is in much pain because I can hear him screaming from being in so much pain, and he did not look good when I saw him in the room.

“Excuse me ma’am, we need to ask you some questions.” Said the nurse in a unhappy tone. I guess she was still mad at me for not listening to her in the room.

“Ok, what do you need to know?” I said to her because I didn’t want to go inside and answer questions.

“We just need to ask you some questions, come into the room please.” She said with her demanding tone.

“Ok. Well, can you answer my question first, is my father going to be ok?” I said in my demanding tone.

“No, he is not going to be ok….”

“What? No, No, No.” I cried.

“That is why we have you in here your mother is on her way and the commander too.”

“What had happened?”

“Well, that is what we are trying to find out. “

“Your father was suppose to be coming home today, right?”


“At approximately 10:00 pm today?”


“Ok. Now where was his drop off at?”

“I am not sure.”

“Thank you, your mother should be here soon.”

That day I did not go home I stayed right next to my father near his bed. He was bloody from head to toe. They said that he would not be able to hear me if I was to speak to him. But I still did speak to him, even if he couldn’t respond or hear me. I could hear them talking to my mom right outside the door. Then all you can hear is my mom trying to speak but couldn’t because she was in so much pain. I came outside and just held her and said that

“he is not dead. He is just unconscious, but he will be ok. Come on mom we got to be strong for him.” I said that with tears falling from my face. And all of my mother’s tears hitting my shirt like bullets.

When that day ended my step dad was not with us anymore. He has been taken from me because God said it was time to go. They still haven’t found out what had happened. But I wasn’t going to wait that long I was going to find out what had happened, why they killed him, and who had killed him?

They said that he wasn’t the only one that had got hurt that day there was four other soldiers in that plane coming home to day. Three are dead (that is including my father), and two that are in great amount of pain.

The commander had found out what happened. He said there was a bomb on the plane from the terrorist. He said because those two other soldiers died right away. He said they were in the plane last and then it blew up. Your father was already out of the plane when it blew and so were the other two soldiers. He would not say the resources he used to find this out but he did say that he saw the plane blow up. So that answers the, what had happened, but it doesn’t answer the why it happened, who did it. So I got the what? Now all I need is the, who and why?

To Be Continued........

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