Thursday, July 17, 2008


Let it astound you with its feats of wisdom one minute, then totally vanish the next, leaving the wearer incapable of uttering anything intelligent! When you ask it for a brilliant idea, you’ll literally have a head full of air! Observe how it dissolves completely as it is asked to provide a witty remark!

Examine the deluxe model as well. This version is more sophisticated and temporarily deletes certain parts of your brain, like the kinds that store information for math tests and quiz shows! It also gets rid of parts that remember why you walked into that room, or what you wanted to get at the supermarket!

Some models have already been installed in unsuspecting people who were told only that they were participating in a medical study that involved regular sedation and some light anesthesia. Who knows, maybe you could be the next lucky* wearer! Enter your name, Social Security number, and financial information into this box for your chance to win and be totally clueless!

*Magical Disappearing Brain™ is copyright of Quack Meds, inc., and may be a scam. The purchaser is fully responsible for all decisions, accidents, and general stupidity caused by usage. Any attempt to sue the company will result in heavy fines for the purchaser, as well as losing the case.


Maria said...

I think I purchased this recently by mistake. There's some sort of no-returns policy on it, though....

Marylisa said...

lol, thats really funny XD