Monday, July 21, 2008

Ever Hungry Child

Obese child cupping handfuls of dirt
Slave only to the moon
Reigns otherwise supreme, massive, calm
Appeased and bloated with sacrificed corpses
Those that fell to the will of the water
In fighting for fish they inevitably
Succumb to the greedy child
That is constantly sucking, screaming, scratching at the shore
Licking its fingers for the last crumb of life left there
Be it desperate sailor
Or lopsided castle of sand
It shoves its ever hungry fingers into the corners to steal all.
I left my heart along the shore
Selfish beast you ripped him away
Plucked him out of our crumbling castle
One day with a wave of your hand
Now you wash back and forth through the hole made in me
Insult to injury
Whipping the frayed edges with your howling wind
Burning my wound with your careless salt
Merging with my own love now spilt
Your salt, my blood, our tears
Pour down my face back into your hands
Till the beast bleeds scarlet salt
Just another poor soul sacrificed
And it is calmed once again.


Anonymous said...

This poem creeps me out and makes me feel bad about myself. In a good way.

Maria said...

I love the personification of the ocean as an "ever hungry child". It works.